Thursday, April 1, 2010

Final project

This is my final project for my classes (portfolio/illustration)
The project: It is about rendereing 2 portraits from a same person, one is going to be "realistic", the second one using paints is going to be using Illustrator. so we'll see how this is going to turn into.

Also I want to thank you to my friend Tania Apolinar who has agreedt o used her photograph. She is a young photographer from Torreon, Mexico and if you want to take a look of her work you can check it HERE

The model is also my friend her name is Ana Luisa Mesta and I have done in the past portraits of her. She is a young model from Torreon, Mexico and you can check some of her modeling work & Self photography in HERE

and this is the process that I'm going through ...



  1. sorry again for the late reply, im so lame, i know :D

    ive been busy... flying by my broomstick.

    this is done with photoshop yes?
    i never know how to do such thing...