Thursday, February 11, 2010


Alright so, For this week in Illustration friday
the topic is "Muddy" and I chose to use water colours because of the texture and the topic is kind of interesting.
This Illustration was based on my childhood memories because I used to play with mudd when I was a kid.
I remember my mom used to take me to my grandma's house to babe sit me while my mom used to go to work.
So I used to play always in the little park in front of my grandma's house, and one of my favorite stuff to do was bury toys on the ground cover them with dirt and come back next day and try to find them.
ahaha.. I don't know how many toys I lost doing that but... I found that playing with mud is fun!.


  1. I really like this - reminds me of how much fun it was (and is)

  2. Your work is charming, really lovely!

  3. Awe, this is really good. :)
    Very cute. ^-^

  4. i like!
    i also like your music! SLOVENE!